WestWorld of Scottsdale

As the nationally recognized Scottsdale equestrian center this facility has become even more spectacular this year. Scottsdale has improved WestWorld by adding the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Expansion, known as the Equidome. This Equidome is a climate controlled dome that will allow for events all year long.

The project has now been complete and looks amazing. The rendering for this project are beautiful and have now come to life. Scottsdale is known as an equestrian city and now with this expansion it will allow for even more.

We have seen the thought of more and more people with horses to have a home here in Scottsdale because of all the additional shows etc… that will take place at WestWorld of Scottsdale. Not all the events that take place at WestWorld are centered around horses but that is it’s primary use. The event list is quite extensive and allows something for everyone.

Because of our love for the expansion of WestWorld of Scottsdale we were the first to get inside to video this beautiful space. If you have not been since this completion it is truly something to see for yourself. But for those that are not here we wanted to share this with you knowing you would enjoy it.